Start Exterior Painting your House 

Having a house is one of the greatest achievements one can achieve especially if the said house is already for yourself.  However, if you want to make it more beautiful, one of the essential things to do is to paint it. You can do all the messy work but if you want a clean and polished job, you can always contact exterior painters Edmonton. It is truly hard to decide where to start the painting work, but if you are certain that you can do the job, you will need to read the following details to avoid mistakes. Paints are messy and it is important that you actually know what you are about to do.  

Exterior Painting

Steps on how to paint an exterior wall 

Prepare the Exterior wall 

Thoroughly check the wall that you are about to paint. If you noticed that there are gaps between the boards, you can use a caulking gun to fill them up with filer to make a weatherproof seal. Be sure to use a rubber glove as you are doing this to avoid getting it all over your hands. To fix other holes, use a putty and a scraper to smooth it over. After you patched everything, wear your safety equipment and give everything a light sand to remove all the rough bits and imperfections. Use a metal brush or scourer to get rid of any paint peeling off the wall.  Finish the work by brushing the wall to get all the dust off.  If you don’t want to experience the hard work, it is better to contact exterior painters Edmonton to do the job.   

Exterior Wall Painting 

There are a wide variety of exterior paints available at the store. If you are having a hard time to decide what the right one top buy is, you can just call exterior painters Edmonton to do the painting work for you. However if you already decided to do the painting, here are the essential steps for you to follow:  

  • Be sure to stir the paint in the can before using it.  
  • Next, tip the paint into a paint pot and stir it again. Using a paint pot will make your work easier by not having to carry a large can around.  
  • Make sure to put a drop sheet down and masking tape on necessary places to prevent accidentally painting places you shouldn’t.  
  • It is important to stat painting at the top in the corner to avoid leaving distinctive marks that will dry before you paint the other side.  
  • Start the second coat at approximately after two hours after finishing the first coat.  

Starting from the outside of your house is a great start to achieve the ideal design of your house. A splash of paint can make your exterior wall look amazing, plus it adds the value of your house as a real estate property. If you are looking forward to hiring exterior painters Edmonton is the best location to look for.  

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